Passionate Environmentalist, Creative Communicator


Franks has upwards of 3 years experience working in the science field. They primarily have worked in marine biology and have conducted research on habitat composition, shark feeding habits, and coral reef restoration along the Florida coast and South Africa’s Western Cape. These experiences have greatly impacted Franks’ science and environmental communications.


Humanities are the cornerstone of Franks’ education. They conducted field research on the sociopolitical and economic factors that impact the use of street art in environmental movements in Cochabamba, Bolivia and Charlotte, North Carolina. Having an academic foundation rooted in the humanities is an asset in the environmental movement. Not only do history and culture inform our future, but being able to use them to communicate is critical.


After completing their undergraduate degree, Franks moved back to South Florida to earn a Masters Degree from the University of Miami. During this time, they gained one and a half years experience in environmental communications. Combining Franks’ experience in both the sciences and the humanities with their classical training in environmental communications, they are in a unique position to be both strategic and culturally literate.